Newly revamped Aurelion Sol briefly disabled on League servers because of “In-Recreation Points”.


Aurelion Sol has been briefly disabled reside League of Legends Servers, Riot Video games has knowledgeable the gamers. A message on the League of Legends Consumer reads “Now we have briefly disabled the next champion because of in-game points and are presently engaged on a repair: Aurelion Sol.”

The long-awaited Aurelion Sol overhaul rolled over to the reside servers earlier this week. The champion has been a pressure in solo queue for the reason that launch of his rework, along with his general play price skyrocketing from underneath one p.c to just about 20 p.c in only one patch. Nonetheless, in case you’ve tricked the brand new and improved Aurelion Sol, you might must pause your ranked development for some time because the champion is presently unselectable, even in regular matches.

Screenshot through Riot Video games

It’s presently unclear what induced the champion’s unavailability, though it’s seemingly because of a deadly bug. Riot doesn’t usually disable champions from the sport fully except such a problem is discovered within the champion’s package or when there’s a game-changing interplay between the champion and an in-game object or card function.

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Final November, Riot disabled Neeko after discovering a bug that allowed her to rework right into a tower. Two years in the past, Viego was deactivated shortly after his launch after a bug uncovered a novel interplay between him and The Darkish Seal that allowed him one-shot towers – simply to call a couple of examples of champions going darkish till the technical issues of their kits had been resolved.

New champion releases and revamps are at all times vulnerable to bugs, and it appears Aurelion Sol fell sufferer to that too. Riot often resolves these points comparatively shortly, so A-Sol gamers ought to be again on the Rift throughout the subsequent 24 hours on the newest.


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